How do Groups Usually Work?

I like to structure group sessions with 6-10 clients; 8 is ideal. Each client will go through a screening interview & intake to ensure appropriateness for the group topic.

Groups meet either once or twice a week, for 60- or 90-minute sessions over the course of 8-16 weeks. 

Group Topics I Facilitate:

Support Groups:

  • Women's trauma support group
  • Chronic illness support group
  • Grief support group

Psychoeducation Groups:

  • Parenting skills 
  • Healthy relationships
  • ADHD/ Autism 
  • Anger management
  • Dual diagnosis (either adults who are dually diagnosed OR parents seeking support around a child who is recently diagnosed)
  • How to have healthy conflict
  • Depression and anxiety 
  • Healthy communication
  • Nature-based mindfulness
  • Ecotherapy / Wilderness Therapy

Group Therapy FAQ's, Pros & Cons

Visit this page: Group Therapy FAQ, Pros & Cons | Stellar Insight Counseling to learn more on how group therapy works, the pros & cons of group therapy, and more!

Group Psychotherapy | Stellar Insight Counseling

"I think we ripple on into others, just like a stone puts its ripples into a brook. That, for me, too, is a source of comfort. It kind of, in a sense, negates the sense of total oblivion. 

Some piece of ourselves, not necessarily our consciousness, but some piece of ourselves gets passed on and on and on." -Irvin D. Yalom

Groups Accepting New Clients:

There are currently no groups recruiting new clients (May 2024). 

I will offer 1-2 online group sessions again during the end of summer/ early fall. 

Please check back on this page in the coming weeks for additional information.

If you are curious about a specific group topic or focus, please reach out to me below:

Meet Nicole Zegiestowsky, M.S.

My name is Nicole, and my approach as a virtual therapist in Alaska is that each client is the expert in his/her/their own life. 

I regularly incorporate our relationship, the “therapeutic rapport,” into therapy sessions which may look like: 

  • • checking in on how an experience felt to you, 

  • • or asking, “Do you feel I am understanding what you’re going through?”

Prior to private practice, I’ve provided counseling services through outpatient and residential facilities to children, teens, college-aged adults, middle-aged adults, and seniors through community mental health, interdisciplinary family medicine, and tribal health agencies.

I'm a pre-licensed therapist, which means I am working under the supervision of Psychologist & board approved supervisor (Dr. Ekstrom, #169093, #125200), read more about that here.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, paddling, gardening, reading, music, and baking. 

It is a privilege to enter a healing relationship with another person and share the process of psychotherapy; I hope to be part of your recovery.