NEW: CBT Online Group Therapy Program (Fall, 2024) Anxiety Therapist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Adult Women & Non-Binary Adults with Anxiety 

Do you worry you have more anxiety than the people around you?

Do you struggle with relaxing, calming anxious thoughts, and minimizing self-doubt?

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Starting August 14, 2024 Stellar Insight Counseling will be offering an 8-week online group psychotherapy program. 


And thank you for being here. 

My name is Nicole, and I am a pre-licensed therapist at Stellar Insight Counseling. As a therapist who works with anxiety and as an anxiety therapy client, I am passionate in supporting others who are struggling with anxiety. 

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Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective and affordable treatment for anxiety; I enjoy providing psychoeducation about anxiety & mental health to people who are seeking relief and want to improve their own mental health. 

I find that when people have a better understanding on what their brains are really doing while anxious, it is easier to use skills (interventions) to address those symptoms and actually find long-term relief from anxiety. 

I like using group therapy to target anxiety because when multiple people are sharing their experiences or questions, it helps other group members feel like they are not alone and that they can find relief. 

If you want to learn more about this group, keep reading.

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45 Regulation Activities to Boost Well-Being 

Who this group is for:

Women & non-binary adults (+18) seeking to decrease symptoms of anxiety in a convenient online group setting


  • Dates:

August 14- October 2, 2024 (8-weeks)

12:00-1:00PM Wednesdays

  • Online counseling group therapy

  • 10 people max

  • Cost: $35 per session


  • Group members will increase her/their knowledge on causes and unique triggers of anxiety 

  • Find new relaxation techniques

  • Learn and grow surrounded by women, non-binary, & femme Alaskans who know what you are going through

  • Improve well-being

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Myths About Mental Health 

9 Coping Skills for Anxiety (How to Manage Anxiety)

Call me today for a free 20-minute initial consultation to register for this group or learn more information. 

You can also see more information about this group here: Online Group Therapy Services in Alaska.

If you think you will benefit from this group, I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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